Dear colleagues, dear friends,

It is our great honor to invite you to the upcoming

VI Congress of the Association of Preventive Pediatrics of Serbia with international participation
I regional SEE – Southeast Europe Conference of Preventive Pediatrics

which will take place in Belgrade, in the Hotel Zira, from April 12 to April 14, 2019.

The past five years of existence and work of the Association have been years of success. Besides organizing 5 successful Congresses, the Association also implemented a number of other projects and activities.

We hope that you also had chance to participate and benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience with colleagues from the country and the region, and managed to achieve some of your professional ambitions in applying some of the experiences gained in your everyday practice.

With the VI Annual Congress of the Association in 2019, we would like to continue strengthening the Association, further expand the possibilities of continuing medical education-CME and variety of its’ forms, for Association members and other participants in the Congress.

Congress should continue to be a model of a modern and interactive professional event that will significantly influence the further development of all areas of preventive pediatrics and child medicine in the country and the region. Congress will take place over three days through various forms of education (plenary lectures, round table sessions, mini symposiums, parallel sessions, e-poster sessions, commercial lectures, etc).

Besides standard topics covering various areas of pediatrics and preventive medicine, this year’s main topics will, among other, be:

1. Drugs in Pediatric medicine (controversy of administration and dosage in childhood, protocol use, ethical aspects, EBM)
2. Personalized medicine – individualized approach
3. Oral hygiene – preventive aspects in pediatrics
4. A sexually transmitted diseases
5. Poisoning with cannabis, marijuana, drugs – prevention
6. Adolescent depression
7. Prevention in primary health care
8. Vaccinations
9. Skin diseases in children

The strategic choice of the most relevant and controversial topics as well as current challenges in preventive pediatrics, top experts from Europe and the world, eminent experts from the Region and Serbia, should add to the attractiveness of the congress, where we expect over 500 participants from the country and the region.
We are convinced that you share our standpoint on the importance and the overall dimensions of the Congress, as well as aspirations to organize it on the appropriate level.

We would, therefore, be pleased to welcome you at the Congress, where you will be exposed to the new trends and possibilities of their application in practice, exchange experiences, contribute to the quality of the event. All mentioned will, we trust, as a final result, aim at further improvement of the disease prevention and the overall health of children.
For all necessary information and other details, please contact the Secretariat of the Congress on the e-mail kongres2019@preventivnapedijatrija.rs

We very much look forward to meeting you in April 2019.

President of Organizing Committee of Congress
Prof. Dr Vladislav Vukomanović
APPS President
Prof. Dr Bojko Bjelaković